Seneca College September 2020 Intake Open For Application

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Are you looking for educational opportunities to build a brighter future and engage in new experiences as a professional? If you are, Esquire Canada Immigration and Education has just what you need to develop your skills and launch your career. As licensed Canadian immigration consultants, we have access to some of the best education programs in the country that are open to students across the globe.

Currently, we’re helping international students apply to Seneca College, one of Canada’s premier schools. Seneca College offers over three hundred programs and more than five hundred career opportunities to pursue your professional goals. They have a broad range of credentials and flexible courses that enable you to choose your path and learn the way you want to.

Seneca also offers:

a. Programs at the degree, diploma certificate and graduate certificate levels.

b. Options to transfer to another program or pursue further education at their partner institutions based on your credits.

c. Hands-on training to help you build practical skills, valuable connections, and many more possibilities to excel in the real-world.

How can we help you with your Seneca College application?
As registered and experienced immigration consultants, we can provide you with educational and immigration advice to get into Seneca College. Based on your requirements and your current grades, we can help you determine which programs you should apply for and how to initiate the application process.

Anyone who would like to study in Canada can apply for the Seneca College September 2020 Intake. However, we’re focusing on people who have recently graduated from high school, people looking to enhance their skills by continuing their education, and people who would like to immigrate to Canada via the study pathway.

Our fee for the application to Seneca College in September 2020 is ninety Canadian dollars. To initiate the application process, you can contact us by email - or give us a call at 852-2892-7674

Esquire Canada Immigration and Education is a firm of licensed immigration consultants with offices in Hong Kong and Toronto, Canada. We provide our clients with professional advice and consultation on immigration to Canada. We promote the benefits of education in Canada by providing in-depth information to students to make fully informed decisions. Similarly, we also discuss career opportunities with clients and provide them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition and quick adaptation to life in Canada. 

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