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Preparing for further studies as a student or young adult can be both a scary and exciting stage of life. There are so many options and avenues to choose from! To broaden their horizons and experience something new, many students opt to study abroad. Not only students but their parents are also very enthusiastic about sending them abroad for higher studies and better future prospects. However, applying for a study visa is more competitive than it used to be.

Fortunately, immigration consultants can play a vital role in providing assistance to students for easy or hassle-free application or paperwork processing. Esquire Canada Immigration and Education has the experience and skill necessary to help students apply to the colleges they’ve shortlisted. Or, if they have no idea which one to go to, we can help them pick suitable options based on their interests.

Students can approach our agency to gain more knowledge about their desired course or university and the country they want to go to for a better education. That way, they are aware of what they are getting into and if it suits their requirements, expectations, and lifestyle. No doubt studying abroad is an augmented experience as it will help enrich their personality. Students can improve their academic profile and can get great jobs by studying abroad. But, to help them apply to the right schools and obtain the appropriate visa, they need a suitable immigration consultant to coordinate with universities and immigration authorities. Immigration consultants will also have the answers to different questions and concerns related to lifestyle, finance, etc.

At Esquire Canada Immigration and Education, we make sure to clarify student’s concerns. At the same time, we help them find the perfect schools and courses. We are an authorized agent of Seneca College, George Brown College, and Centennial College in Toronto. This enables us to provide students with education consultation and assistance in the school application process. In recent years, our list of schools has expanded to more than twenty colleges and universities across different provinces through our partnership with the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) Education Partner Program (EPP).

Here are the participating colleges in the EPP program:

Collège Avalon (Quebec)

Focus College (British Columbia)

Georgian College (Ontario)

Keyano College (Alberta)

Lakeland College (Alberta)

Liaison College (Ontario)

Medicine Hat College (Alberta)

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) (British Columbia)

Nipissing University (Ontario)

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) - English Language Foundation (Alberta)

St Lawrence College (Ontario)

Toronto Film School/ Yorkville University (Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick)

University Canada West (British Columbia)

Study in Canada provides one of the key pathways for immigration to Canada, especially for teenagers and young adults. After finishing post-secondary school in Canada, students can apply for a post-graduate work permit and work in Canada. After completing one year of skilled work in the country, they could become eligible to apply for immigration under the Canadian Experience Class or other provincial nomination programs offered to international students. Furthermore, a Canadian education and work experience will obtain additional points for them if they apply for immigration to Canada under the Express Entry program.

If you’re looking for assistance with school applications in Canada, reach out to Esquire Canada Immigration and Education today! We liaise with the admission office of several schools in the country and can help you to successfully apply for a study permit. We do not charge any processing fee for school applications, but the college or university may charge a small application fee.

To get in touch with our licensed Canadian immigration consultants, give us a call at 852-2892-7674. You can also email us at We are an innovative Canadian immigration and education consulting company bringing a new perspective for people planning to move to or study in Canada. Our immigration consultants are licensed and in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). We have offices in Hong Kong and Toronto to ensure that we bring the highest quality of services to our clients. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please contact us here.