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Canada hosts nearly two hundred and fifty thousand new immigrants per year. Many are economic-class immigrants, including skilled worker class, Canadian experience class, and express entry program candidates. Another great route to Canada is through the Quebec self-employed worker program.

The Quebec self-employed worker program is an immigration pathway that targets newcomers with experience creating their own jobs. Successful applicants are able to immigrate to Quebec, where they create their own employment, practicing a profession or trade on their own account, in most cases living highly prosperous, progressive, and fulfilling lives.

This Canadian immigration program differs from the Federal Self-Employed Person Program as there is no limit to the types of professions that can qualify to this program. Furthermore, applicants’ don’t need to know French to qualify, making this one of the more accessible routes to Canadian immigration.

Requirements to qualify for the Quebec self-employed worker program include at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade they plan to practice and the intention to reside in Quebec and create their own employment. They must also have minimum net assets of CAD 100,000 and will be asked to make a start-up deposit of $25,000 to CAD 50,000 at a financial institution.

Applicants must also meet a certain number of points based on factors similar to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The number of points required depends on the circumstances of the applicant and the stage of their application.

In addition to the relevant experience to prove that you have the capacity and intention to become a successful self-employed individual in Canada, you need a compelling business plan. At Esquire Canada Immigration and Education, we will help you carefully craft a business plan to demonstrate that you understand the Canadian market and know how you will establish your business once you arrive. We can also assist you in preparing the application and supporting documents, including a professionally written business plan. Our fees for the Quebec self-employed worker program are highly dependent on your situation, and hence you can always contact us for further information and free assessment.

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