Immigration To Canada Through The Self-Employed Person Program

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With the growing demand for resources to keep boosting its economy, the Canadian government has rolled out different immigration plans to make it easier for a variety of people to move to Canada. They even have one specifically to help self-employed people to relocate conveniently.

The self-employed immigration program is designed for individuals like professional athletes and specialists in the arts and culture industry. They are either self-employed or take part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level. Those applying for immigration under these programs must have the potential to be gainfully self-employed professionals who contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada. If not, their applications will be invalid. Applicants also need to have at least two years of relevant experience to prove that they have the capacity and intention to become a successful self-employed individual in Canada.

In addition to this, they must meet special selection criteria to move forward. If they score at least thirty-five points on the selection grid, they will be permitted to proceed with the immigration process. A carefully crafted business plan is required to demonstrate that they understand the Canadian market and how they are going to establish their business after arriving in Canada.

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