The Ultimate Pre-immigration Checklist

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At Esquire Canada Immigration and Education, we understand that the immigration process can be quite a challenge. Due to the regulations involved, the application process can be viewed as a stressful or laborious task, but you can get through it quickly and easily with a little preparation.

As professional immigration consultants, we know what’s required for successful immigration, and we’ve created a handy checklist to help you immigrate to Canada with as little stress as possible. Follow our ultimate pre-immigration checklist to turn the grueling immigration application process into a smooth and effortless one so that you can get back to the other important things in life.

1. Residency obligation 
As a permanent resident, you must comply with the residency obligation that requires you to reside in Canada for seven hundred and thirty days out of the preceding five-year period. Due to this requirement, it is important to track the time spent outside of Canada after your landing.

2. Bringing personal effects to Canada 
You should present to the border two official copies of a detailed list of the personal or household belongings you are bringing with you and two copies of the list of items that will arrive later. Make sure you check the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) websites for specific details on what you can bring with you.

3. Health insurance
As there is usually a three-month waiting period for provincial health coverage in Ontario, B.C., and some other provinces, you need to have temporary private health insurance to cover your family during this waiting period.

4. Driver’s license  
Check with your provincial motor vehicle branch about the rules in your province. Some provinces have driver’s license exchange agreements with certain countries like B.C. A written confirmation of your driving experience from the ministry of transportation in your country will be required to claim driving experience for some provinces like Ontario. You can also obtain the claims history letter from your auto insurer, which might help you to lower your auto insurance in Canada.

5. Canadian tax
The tax law in Canada is very complicated, especially for people with properties and income overseas. It is important to obtain tax consultation from a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to understand the tax system and any potential tax planning opportunities before landing in Canada.

6. Education  
Children in Canada can go to public elementary and secondary schools free of charge. Depending on your future residential address in Canada, you could contact the school board in that region to make an appointment for an assessment.

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